Another leg to go

Wake with the alarm at 6:00. Quick up and down stairs, Aubrey is there with Steve and is going to go with us to the airport.

As we drive to the airport we talk about school, bikes and adventures. Like Ian, an only child, she has grown up around adults and is quite mature for her age and comfortable with adults. She is the delight Steve has talked about for the entire trip.

They drop me curbside and are off. I realize with their departure how much I enjoy time in Anchorage. In the past with Marsha and Chuck, but now there are Steve, Aubrey and Brianna with whom to play.

I get through checkin and TSA quickly and head for COFFEE. Now it all seems to be coming to an end for another year. This year with a easy pace and no real drama, it could have been a lot more difficult or a lot easier. What it was, is what makes it this year’s adventure.

So ends another Alaska Adventure. So different, so familiar, and so grateful.

Till next time I fly over Turnagin Arm I have all the memories of this time…



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