Last Day on the River

We rise to the anticipation of our last full day on the river. We start of our day gathering for scrambled eggs, hams and toasted bagels under the tarp.


Gretchen and I are with Chuck. This is the first day I’ve fished with her on the trip. The woman who had concern of; “will I catch fish and what will I do if it is a BIG fish,” has overcome all her fears and concerns. She lands a 27 inch Dollie while we float!



As we move on down the river it seems that every “Silver Hole” Chuck wants to fish has a lodge boat in it. At one point a guide got in his boat and motored to the up stream edge of the backwater to make sure we knew “it was his water!” We continue to catch plenty of fish and we observe the bounty of what is moving in and up the river.

As we pass Eric, Steve and David they have found a silver hole and are busy trying to catch every fish holding in that water. They are ecstatic!


A lodge plane lands up river and we hear it take off and then see it heading home for the day as we near or destination, Last Night’s Camp. This is a new one, on river right just below the Swallow Bank Cliff. It seems that the swallows are gone and their nest holes are washed away but that’s a landmark Ian and I use on the lower river. There is a native cabin at the downstream end of the cliff/ridge.

We pull over at a beaver path on the bank and Chuck says he’s going to take a look. He pops back out of the willows after a bit and declares this home for the evening. Eric soon joins us.


Joe soon follows and everyone gets busy setting camp. It is through the willows but close to the water. The site is smaller/tighter than most we have had but as we get toward the bottom of the river good camps are hard to find, and this is a good sheltered camp not used by anyone else.


It doesn’t take long and with the weather blowing in we set the tarp for the evening, thinking its just another task in the early morning to break it down as we prepare to float to the pick up.

Dinner is pasta and conversation. No wine Chuck? After chores are completed everyone starts sharing contact information, not like we used to…


Its quite comical to watch these guys standing around with their cell phone out exchanging information here in the wilderness? But they do and it works. The good news is no one tried to call anyone, at least not now on a cell phone…

Last taste of Scotch and puff of cigar, brush my teeth and it is time for the tent. Just as we get in the tent it starts raining in ernest.

Tomorrow we head home…




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